Book for CCIE DC V3.0 Rack Rental Online

Master Data Center Technology on most updated CCIE Data Center V3.0 Racks & Achieve your Career Goals

Lab Equipment

  • 3 x APIC Cluster
  • 2 x Nexus 9336 ACI Spine
  • 2 x Nexus 9372
  • 2 x Nexus 7004
  • 4 x Nexus 5672
  • 4 x Nexus 2348
  • 2 x UCS-6248 Fabric Interconnects
  • UCS-5108 B-Series Chassis
  • B-Series Blades
  • C-Series Servers
  • Storage Array


  • NXOS v7.x on Nexus 7000 Switches
  • NXOS v7.x on Nexus 5000 Switches
  • NXOS v7.x on Nexus 9000 Switches
  • NXOS v5.x on Nexus 1000v
  • UCS Director 5.x
  • UCS Central 1.x
  • ASAv 9.x
  • Cisco Data Center Manager Software v7.x
  • Cisco Integrated Management Controller 2.x
  • UCS Software Release 3.x Fabric Interconnect
  • Application Policy Infrastructure Controller 1.x

CCIE DC V3.0 Rack Rental Packages

Buy any of the below listed packages to access World Class CCIE DC V3.0 Rack Rental Services. Don't forget Platinum and Titanium package comes with CCIE DC V3.0 Workbook, Solutions and Lab exam support to help you pass your CCIE DC V3.0 Lab exam in 1st attempt.
Package Name Credits Number of Sessions Services Rate Price
Basic 40 Credits 1 Session Rack Access
Whatsapp Support(Only for hardware issues)
40 USD/Session
40 USD
Professional 1280 Credits 32 Session Rack Access at huge discount
Whatsapp Support(Only for hardware issues)
26.66 USD/Session
853 USD
Expert 1600 Credits 40 Session Rack Access with huge Discount
Workbooks & Lab exam support
Complete Whatsapp & Skype Support
37.5 USD/Session
1500 USD
  • * Each session's duration - 4 hours.
  • * After purchasing the packages go to scheduler page for booking rack slots.
  • * Credits can be used for both of the racks (CCIE DC R1 and CCIE DC R2).
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